Tables Champ

I thought I’d get back into doing an app review.

This one is called Table Champ so you can probably guess what it’s about.

Screenshot (2)

You have to touch the multiple choice answers and if you get several in a row, you get an extra 5 seconds.

Screenshot (3)

I’ll put aside my usual concerns about how maths is simply not just about times tables for the time being.

The multiple choice is a little bit odd but I suppose this probably makes better use of the touch screen and avoiding typing.

My two concerns are that if you’re good, you can be there a long time due to the added seconds. Also, when you run out of time:

Screenshot (6)

It doesn’t keep  track of your high score. This means you can’t keep track of any progress. (l don’t mean this in a teacher way.)

In summary, it’s not the worst app but I can’t see I’d choose this over something like, say, Mangahigh.


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