Some initial thoughts

The students are VERY excited. Naturally, they love having a tablet and I’m pleased to say there hasn’t been much grumbling from all the other students who don’t have a tablet. They’ve been really quite understanding about it.

There have been many teething issues, as expected. These include:

  • Not being able to access the app store in school. This is something to do with ports but that’s about as much as I understand.
  • Some students not being able to activate their microsoft account at home. We’re recommending they try creating a new one.
  • Some students not being able to access the app store at home. Again, try a new microsoft account.
  • Uncharged tablets. In the early days, we’re being a bit lenient with this. I will be expecting students to have charged them fully once we’re more on track.
  • Arbitrary differences between tablets. One student can access the app store in school. To tablets wouldn’t run, asking for flash to be installed. One I fixed easily by following the instructions, one I can’t tell what’s going on. One tablet not letting a student access for no obvious reason.

Again, it’s worth emphasising how excited the students are and they are demonstrating great resilience and flexibility in their approach to the tablets.

I’ve asked them to install the following apps to see how I can use them:

  • FlashQuiz
  • Record Voice and Pen
  • QR reader

More details to follow.


2 thoughts on “Some initial thoughts

    • Hi Stuart.
      Thanks for the comment.
      I’ve taken a look at the list and look forward to trying them out.

      Still early days and teething troubles to sort before getting heavily into apps I think.


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