This is just one of those apps that makes you think “There must be a use for that”.

You type in a word or words and then you drag your finger around the screen and it draws using the words you chose. You can change colours, fonts, backgrounds etc and the words get bigger the faster you drag your finger.

You can import a background image too.

My immediate thoughts are:

  • Something to do with keywords (see below)
  • English could make use of creating a picture out of the words of a poem or an important passage from a studied text
  • Could science apparatus be draw using the words for that apparatus?
  • Art could create a picture based on the word “Hot”, “Spiky” etc
  • …I’m sure there’s more

TOP TIP: Put a space after the word you enter. (I put a space after the word Chord in the image below.)

TOP TIP: You can copy and paste text from Word etc.

Here’s an image I made by finding a picture of circles from the internet. I saved and imported that (using the stretch proportionally to fit option) and then wrote over the top.

Circle Parts wordbrush


One thought on “Wordbrush

  1. Hi…my name is Jeremy Meyers and I am the developer behind wordBrush. I just wanted to thank you for writing about it in a blog post, and see if you have any suggestions for changes or additions to the app.

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