The title of the app gives away what it sets out to achieve and I have to say it has some really nice features. The two best bits are easily the fact that you can add a picture of the student to their name and the pictures appear when you’re taking the register. If you teach a class that you only get to see once a fortnight, you’ll know how important this might be. The second is that the app has a ‘select random student’ button which is a nice bonus and also makes use of the pictures too. Another nice touch is that you can add in a comment for each student that will be displayed with their profile (see the one for Pooh bear in the picture). A further possibility that I’ve not had a chance to try yet is the option to email all students of the class directly from the app.

In terms of actually using this to take registers, I think it actually has potential. It’s pretty simple to take a register but gets a little fiddly (still do able though) if you want to take two registers of the same class on the same day. A good feature is that it will show you on the main page for each class how many present and absent marks each student has so high absence rates can be picked up very easily.

An obvious and probably fairly big downside is that the app almost certainly won’t connect to the system your school currently uses to take registers. This is a fairly big drawback but I’m happy to have this app even if I can only use it for school trips. I have used it on a trip where I was assigned a group of 12 students, 9 of whom I’d never met before and I can assure you the picture aspect was really handy.

I recommend getting this app but you probably won’t be using it for your everyday registers.


2 thoughts on “Attendance

    • Good question.
      I think that the images are only stored on the device and that the data (ie absences and presents) remains on the device also.
      The actual device would have a password or code lock of some sort so in that sense, it’s no worse than taking a laptop on a trip.

      Thanks for the comment as it’s opened up yet another thing to think about!

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