Logo For Windows8

Logo for Windows8

If you’re a maths teacher, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Logo. If not, it’s a computer program that lets you control a ‘turtle’ by giving commands such as FD 40 (Forward 40) and RT 90 (Right turn 90 degrees) so that you can build shapes. It’s a good introduction to programming since the students have to be very precise with their syntax and it also offers good opportunities for geometrical learning. For example, how many degrees do you need to turn to draw an equilateral triangle? So, in short, Logo is a good program but how is it on a tablet?

Basically, the app is good too. The main thing to bear in mind is that it’s far, far better with the tablet in portrait mode. Once a design has been finished, I’d take a screen shot to file as evidence and I think there’s value in taking screen shots of attempts that didn’t work to show progress.

I’ll be using this when my class has its geometry term.


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