Why Windows 8?

(This post was originally on reflectivemaths.)

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This seems to be the most common first question and, there isn’t an easy answer to that.

Android was ruled out fairly early on and while I’m not sure of the exact reasons why, I think it had a lot to do with being too much of an unknown beast. That left iOS or Win8.

Obviously, there’s a lot of appeal to iOS and iPads. They are lovely in many ways. Our main blocks/issues are:

  • Lack of ability to control them via a network,
  • Incompatibility with flash based websites,
  • Difficulties with accessing legacy files in Office suite.

We have no doubt that there are issues and problems with Windows 8 too but we feel that we will be better placed to deal with those as they arise.

In all honesty, there is an element of wanting to take a bit of lead on something. How many schools do you know of heading down the Windows 8 route?


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