Blogging about my Windows 8 Tablet experience


Over the next year, I’ll be trialing the use of a Windows 8 Tablet with one class of year 7 students. I think this deserves its own blog, so, rather than posting at my main site ( I’ve created this one:

Let the journey commence!


2 thoughts on “Blogging about my Windows 8 Tablet experience

  1. Will be interested to follow this. My son has just finished sixth form in the senior school to my junior school [if that makes sense!] and has been part of the laptop scheme there. If he had not been studying music and making good use of both Sibelius and Cubase I would have been disappointed with the outlay.

    Even with IWBs, the effective use of technology depends on the IT literacy of the teacher at the front. Until every teacher of a school is as confident in using the technology as the pupils in front of them, school-wide initiatives are going to be patchily effective.

    It would be interesting to know whether you have picked the year seven class for the IT skills of their timetabled staff [or behaviour of the children in the group] or chose at random for perhaps a more genuine trial.

    • I think there are always going to be variations across subjects and the uses will be more obvious for some than others. Clearly the use of music software is a great one.

      I am hoping/expecting that taking notes on a tablet is going to be beneficial across all subjects due to the ease with which additional information (links, images, videos, audio for example) can be added in too. The added benefit is that notes can be easily searched and with powerful tools, even audio can be searched.

      At the risk of being controversial, I don’t think we ever can achieve consistency of use across different staff and I don’t think we really want to. Each teacher has to do what works well for them.

      In terms of the choice of group/staff, I wasn’t directly involved in that. My understanding is that there were some key staff (me and a few others) that ‘needed’ to be involved and then a further group of teachers it was desirable to have involved (ie the technology reps for each faculty) and then a best match approach was taken in choosing one out of the 8 possible classes was taken. There is still a pretty good cross-section of staff involved and it is possible that some time tabling decisions were made based on this trial but I don’t know that for sure.

      As for the behaviour of the children, since they are new to the school, we don’t really have any experience of them at our school so I don’t think that was a consideration.

      Again, thanks for your comment.

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